Ring the Bell, School's In (well almost) Pt I.

Greetings Dahlings,
School starts in a couple months, so most of us have probably either started our back to school shopping, or are getting ready to. I always try to keep in mind that while I'll be all excited to wear my new clothes, it's not going to be perfect weather for them the day school starts. So I need to keep out some of my summer clothes for the first couple of weeks or so (transitional pieces, if you will).

When it comes time to put together my back to school / fall wardrobe, I start off by shopping my entire closet. Things usually end up in 5 piles: What needs to be put away for the next summer (which get put away in space bags), Things that I'll donate to charity (from both my summer clothes, and things I kept from last fall), Transitional pieces, and Things that will work with my fall wardrobe.

After that I'll go through what I'm keeping out, check for wardrobe staples, flip through my "look book" and come up with my shopping list. You can pretty much guess what happens after that, every body's favorite part: Shopping!

Extra Credit:
For more tips on building a fierce wardrobe, check out my first entry.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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