Word on the street is...

MyStyle says turquoise and red go together. Do you agree? They've also hooked us up with suggestions on shorts for every shape.

Supermodel Jessica White shares some of her beauty tips with Seventeen Readers.

Kimora Lee Simmons graces the cover of Giant Magazine, and sets the record straight (she's not an extreme diva).

MAC Cosmetics is having a Friends and Family 15% off sale. If your subscribed to their email list, you should have received a printable coupon (if not you can sign up now, and wait for it to hit online on the 16th- they'll send you the online promo code).

Ms. Fabulosity just remembered that InStyle had an article and worksheet online a bit ago, that talked about shopping your closet (great tip!!). I'm still in search of the work sheet, but here's some of the of the article via msnbc. This is something that I do on a seasonal basis, and you best believe I'm doing when back to school season rolls around (I'll be keeping y'all hooked up with entries on shopping lists, tips, trends, and such on that. You know how I do).

Y'all know I've talked to you about tailoring clothing for fit. While surfing around on The Today Show's website, I found this video on tailoring clothing as a way to revive it style wise (more tips can be found in the article). I think their trippin' on that purple shirt though...I quite liked the before...and the after. I guess that means I'd have to buy two then...

UPDATE: I just looked at the official website for Tim Gunn's Guide to Style tv show, and it says the 2nd Season is coming soon!

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity

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