Style Essentials: Putting Down Roots Part II

Greetings Dahlings,

According to Mr. Tim Gunn (of Project Runway. He also had a show with Veronica Webb for a bit called "A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style." Which would be the name of his book) there are 10 Style Essentials that one needs in order to have a functional wardrobe. Everybody seems to agree with this for the most part, give or take a few. The key is to make sure that pieces fit you amazingly (Don't be afraid to go a size up if you need to, you can always get it tailored to fit. If the size tag bothers you, once you buy it, cut it out. 2? 4? 3? 5? who cares. You're a size fabulous), and that they are reflective of your style. Ms. Fabulosity agrees with this philosophy, but she happens to have more than 10 on her list (who's counting though? It's my blog). The following are my personal style essentials, and a few suggestions:

  • The Little Black Dress. Essentially made iconic by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's truly is a wardrobe staple (I found a fabulous one last year at H&M, I'm really hoping they come back again this year), and appropriate for many occasions (think of it as like the dressy version of jeans). Remember that you don't have to show a lot of skin, and that it should be form fitting, not tight. When it comes to buying dresses, as Edith Head said "It should be tight enough to show that your a woman, but loose enough to show your a lady."

  • Classic White Shirt. A great wardrobe staple and can work with just about anything. Sadly, Ms. Fabulosity is still in search of the perfect she has broad shoulders and muscular arms. Makes it a bit hard to find ones that fit just right. I'm currently in search of a fab talior (can't say I'm not taking my own advice). One can usually find nice button downs at American Eagle.
  • The Trench coat. If you have more of a classic style, go for one in khaki. I however prefer them in bright bold colors, or patterns. We're fly, fierce, and fabulous! Now is the time to have fun and experiment with our look (not to say khaki can't be any of those things, but color is just more fun).

  • Denim. Jeans (Boot cut, Skinny jeans, Flare, High Waisted), Skirts (but please easyyy on the minis girls. I've never really been a fan), Jackets, Vests, etc. Denim will always be a wardrobe staple. Colored denim is very big this season too, I definitely suggest buying a pair. If you're really daring, I suggest getting some colored skinny jeans (I love them). Keep in mind that white jeans are always in style for the summer. You can make a color statement (or lack of, as some people like to argue that white is a lack of color...but whatever), and be all crisp, fresh, and fierce. Scared of you!

  • Diamonds. Are soooo a girls best friend. Especially a fierce pair of diamond studs...or at least some incredibly convincing Cubic Zirconias like these.

  • High Heel Pumps. Not too high though, I'd say stick around 2 1/2 inches (you don't want to run around in too high of a heel too often. You could risk knee damage, and theres nothing fabulous about that. The key is moderation...and possibly some Dr. Scholl's for Her Pads). I love me some heels. Preferably in patent leather, and bold colors. With a matching bag (y'all know how I do).

  • A Great Leather Jacket. I love me some tailored leather jackets (especially the motorcycle, and bomber jackets), in bold colors.
  • A Day Dress. Something cute, and fun. Their very versatile, and can be dressed up or down.
  • Fab Sunglasses. They don't have to be expensive either, you can get cute ones at TjMaxx, Marshall's or H&M (which is where I got mine a couple years ago). They just scream super star. Do be sure to look for some with proper UVA protection, because we have to protect our lovely eyes.
  • A Great Purse (or purses). I'm not even gonna get started on this, cause I could do an entry on this subject alone. I will say start by getting some good ones in neutral colors (specifically brown and black, though other neutrals like white, gold, silver, navy, tan, etc. are good too).
  • Cute Flats. I prefer pointy toe flats, simply because I feel that I look a bit odd in a rounded toe flat (but to each her own). I suggest these fab flats from Aldo. If you'd prefer to cough up extra cash, and get leather flats (in which case, go head girl!) I'd go with these Steve Madden flats, which are so hot their named "Skorch." Or these fierce "Screamer" flats...I so need those in the gold metallic snakeskin...not only a big trend this summer, but a classic!

  • A Great Pair of Boots. Preferably a knee high Leather. Or if your like me (i.e. you love all things blinged out, and shiny), patent leather.

  • An Amazing Pair of Patent Leather Nude Heels. With my skin tone, it’s hard to find the exact shade (I'm still searching). Steven by Steve Madden had a lovely pair, but they were at least 4 inches high, which are so not practical for everyday wear. For those of you fly fashionistas that can rock ‘em (and props to you girls) I suggest these from Nine West. But remember girls, moderation!

  • Signature Jewelry. Ms. Fabulosity loves her some bling. Betsey Johnson makes some great affordable stuff (like this cute ring), and again with going to TjMaxx, Marshall's, or Macy's...or sometimes even Forever 21 (though they don't always have the best quality. It's more of a cheap and cute fast fix kinda deal). Clarie's can sometimes be a good alternative too (In my opinion it's about a step or two above Forever 21 quality wise)...I bought a cute set of bangles from there (that are connected, so I don't have to worry about keeping them all together), but the hoop earrings I bought didn't work out so well. They look nice, but they kind of cut into my ear.
I hope you all have enjoyed reading this, and have picked up some useful tips, or gotten some ideas. In my next entry, we'll be getting to the good stuff: Summer Trends!

Extra Credit:
Nina Garcia's (fashion director at Elle Magazine) 10 Style Essentials as found on FabSugar. If your looking for a watch (as she suggests on her list, though I don't agree with the idea of a men's watch), I suggest this one. Ms. Fabulosity has never been one to wear a watch, but that one could make me change my mind.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fabulosity


  1. every woman needs a black leather trench. preferably paired with black leather knee boots.