Putting Down Roots

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greetings dahlings,
Yay for the first official entry! I want to start off with the basics. How to figure out what exactly one should wear, what not to wear (love that show), what you should keep, let go of, and what you need to back up off of. All in the name of enhancing your overall fabulosity, fierceness and flyness. It's not always just as easy as going in the store and trying on a ton of stuff. Of course one has to do that in order to figure out what works, but you really need to know what you should be looking for first.
Now in my mind, when ones putting together a wardrobe (enhancing, revamping, or discovering their style, as we're at the age where that's what we're doing) there are three main things one need to know:

  • What works on your shape. Every body is different, an hourglass isn’t just an hourglass. Is it small? Medium sized? Girls, you better know what you’re working with. This is where “The Science of Sexy” comes into play. Bayou breaks it down into about 48 different body shapes (so you know you’re covered), and helps us to figure out our own using anthropometry (the measure of human form). Once you determine your shape (using a measuring tape, and his directions), he then provides four pages dedicated to it (what you should wear, shouldn't wear, tips, and must haves). I’ve read a lot of style books and magazines in my day, and ain’t nobody putting it down like Bradley. If you only purchase one style book, buy this one. And don't forget that measuring tape, as its super important. You can thank me later.
  • Your personal style and what you’re aiming for. In order to figure this out, take a look in your closet and see what patterns you notice. I also suggest ripping out pages in magazines (of your fab-cons, trends you want to try, looks you like), and keeping them in a binder for inspiration. Love Rihannas look? Work it! Just be sure to infuse it with your own flava. If you don’t, you just look like a copycat (or a wannabe), and honey there’s nothing fierce, fly, or fabulous about that.

  • Wardrobe Essentials: Mr. Tim Gunn says there are 10. Others beg to differ. Less, more, not this, but that. When it all comes down to it, there are some things that we absolutely need in order to have a more functional wardrobe.

Hopefully you all like what I’ve started here, and if you’re not hooked yet, I do encourage you to stick it out for a few more blog entries. Much like a tree, we gotta lay down some roots before we can get to the good stuff. I bid you adieu until next time, where we’ll discuss wardrobe essentials, Tim Gunn’s fashion philosophy, and prepping to shop.

Extra Credit:
http://www.instyle.com/instyle/package/lookyourbest/game It’s based on Bayou’s book “The Science of Sexy.” It will help you to determine your shape, but don’t let it discourage you from buying the book. There are wayyy more fabulous tips, and suggestions to be found in there.
http://www.myshape.com/ A clothing and accessories store that generates suggestions for your body type (i.e. a “personal shop” that has everything the store provides, which suits your body type.) You’ll definitely need a measuring tape for this.
http://www.zafu.com/ Generates Jeans, and Pants selections based on your fit preferences.
http://www.asos.com/ You can search your fave celebs and find clothing inspired by things they've worn. They have lots of great stuff (I'm pretty sure it's a London based company, so keep that in mind with shipping and all that).

Stylishly Yours,Ms. Fabulosity

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